april 6th, 2019


my day is pretty calm as of this morning

i got up around the afternoon, took a very long poop and then a shower. my mom was a little pissed that I used the bathroom just before she needed to leave but I don't care. she could still get her hairspray, the door was not locked, we have a thick shower curtain so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh fuckin well. damn i sound like a bitch when I type all that out, but dont worry, she was being super rude the whole time so i am allowed to be a stinker back.

after getting dressed and wasting time laying around while my hair dried, I ate two yogurt cups outside on the porch with my dog and cat. they are always nice company to eat with. i would have shared some food with them but I did not have any meat, which i know is good for their digestion. They are good creatures, but require the guidance and oversight of one who cares for their digestion.

after that I tried to relax more but felt in inability to move very much around the house, so I decided to smoke a bowl of the leftover little dust in bags. i packed it a little tight in a spoon pipe and had a few puffs, sat around for a moment, then went to my room. i am now on the computer. the other day I reorganized my wall things and added a small heart shaped cabinet with a heart shaped glass door I got for 2$ at a thrift store. i hung some sanrio blankets near it. when I feel it is perfectly curated and truly pintrest worthy i may put a photo up online... but do not believe this choice is final.

my aura is currently soft, sprite lime green and pink swirled like a lollipop